Ted Chaffin

About Me

“I’m passionate about our people, our culture, our customers/partners and “Keeping People Connected”


Ted has over 20 years’ experience in the Telecom industry with a major focus on Tower Construction and Upgrades and was foundational in the creation of US Telecom Services Inc. and for the last 12 years has been one of the business owners. 

Ted has lead teams both on the ground in the field and on the leadership team with a focus on employee culture, company growth and expansion opportunities.  Ted has been a Comtrain Instructor and has spent the last several years gaining knowledge in Management & Leadership though various sources to include Adept Leadership, Psychological Associates and Transformational Leadership.  Ted also serves as the company’s RSO (Responsible Safety Officer) and holds several of the Contractor licenses across all the market areas US Telecom Services Inc. serves today.  Today he is the Sr. Vice President running all Operations and is COO for the company.