Chad Berg

About Me

I’m passionate about providing Telecommunication services..

Chad began his telecommunications career over 25 years ago as a Tower Climber then Crew Lead and quickly realized his business aptitude and desire to create an inclusive environment of safety focused teams doing high quality work.  He became a certified NATE trainer and over the next decade taught climbers how to be safe and do quality work.  Chad went on to do Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Preventive Maintenance, and full construction of cell sites.  Chad has lead teams across the US Telecom carriers performing over $150 Million dollars of work.  He has been a leader in build outs for General Dynamics, AT&T, VoiceStream/T-Mobile, Black and Veatch, and Bechtel.  Chad also has worked on Homeland Security and Border Patrol projects for law enforcement.  Chad quickly became an entrepreneur and not only started US Tower Service Inc (now US Telecom Services Inc.) with his family and top performing team, but also other ventures such as Commercial Real Estate Development, Light Industrial and Auto Repair.  For the last 12 years, Chad has served as the CEO for US Telecom Services Inc.