End-to-end wireless solutions

Keeping People Connected” is our motto and we do this by building and maintaining partnerships

Our Expert Services

With demand for wireless services growing constantly, ensuring wireless service is everywhere you need it to be

Our Experience

USTS has worked with all the major wireless carriers, tower owners, telecom equipment OEM’s for over 20 years


US Telecom Services is built on the ‘Gold Standard” of delevering you the best service

Local Jurisdictions

We have support and adhere to all requirements with the local, State and Federal Codes across the country. We partner with jurisdictions,  to ensure we drive the results for our customers.

Site Management

With the wireless world growing constantly, ensuring wireless service continues to function at its peak efficiency is a must. We are partnering with major wireless carriers to provide long term maintenance of their wireless infrastructure. 


Contingency analysis

Contingency analysis and start of project and throughout

The Newest Technology

We work with the latest wireless technology


High Quality Project Management

Site analysis and Project scoping using Radio Frequency Data Sheet (RFDS) review

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

While US Telecom Services takes pride in its large scale projects, the team is also very experienced in Telecom project management. These projects are often complex and require heavy coordination among a cross-functional team.  Clear and thorough communication is key to any successful project.  USTS’s diverse team knowledge, coupled with its creativity allows for the best possible results.

We pride ourselves on offering the same attentive service for individual projects and large developments. As such, we are proud to have built strong and long lasting relationships with companies alike.

With award winning designers, and Engineers, as well as our own installation and client services teams, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you receive so much more than ever imagined.


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We’ve Been Keeping People Connected For Over 20 years

US Telcom Services was founded in 2002 with a focus on the telecommunication cellular towers (Previously known as US Tower Services Inc.) on the premise that “keeping people connected” and access to communications is a basic human need

Our Executive Management Team

Chad Berg

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ted Chaffin

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Ish Ramirez

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Young

Executive Vice President, Sales & Chief Commercial Officer

Josh Wollberg

Senior Director of Operations and Support

Client Testimonials

“Excellent Service and project management.”

Darren Livecchi

President, VecTech Solutions,LLC

“I highly recommend US Telecom Services.”

Janice Aviles

Manager, Canon Solutions, USA

“Thank you for restoring our tower!”

Joe Varlack


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